Bleeder spray guns are the original style HVLP spray gun supplied with Apollo turbine spray systems. They have a continuous flow of air through the air cap when the HVLP turbine is “on." They are simple in design, extremely reliable, and easy to clean and maintain.

There is a common misconception that the continuous air flow will displace dust and dirt in the spray area and workshop. In fact, it will not, in any way affect the performance.

This fallacy originated when HVLP manufacturers began offering non-bleeder style HVLP spray guns. This inaccurate information was circulated in order to promote new products. HVLP manufacturers continue to successfully offer bleeder style spray guns. 

Currently, bleeder type spray guns are available with the 3 Stage ECO Series and can be purchased individually here.

Non-Bleeder HVLP spray guns only release air when the triggering is being pulled. The HVLP may be "on," but the user will have to pull the trigger in order for the air to release. 

Bleed spray guns operate more like traditional compressed air spray guns. Once the trigger is pulled, the system will release air in the first stage. The second releases the material into the air stream.

Bleeder guns are slightly more complex and can only be used with turbine systems with air relief. This will prevent too much pressure that can cause damage to the motor. This air relief may be internal or external. Apollo only uses external bleed ports on their turbines as this is the best way to prevent overheating the motor.

Generally, HVLP bleeder spray guns are more budget-friendly. Other than the cost, there is no advantage or disadvantage to using a non-bleeder HVLP spray gun. It is a matter of preference and/or choice.

Many older turbine systems do not have pressure relief built into the turbine. In this case, non-bleeder spray gun may only be used if an external air relief has been installed.

Apollo makes an air relief adapter bleeder valve A7538A that can be used for this purpose. The A7538A valve can be installed on most brands of turbines. This will allow the turbine to work with a non-bleeder spray gun without damaging the turbine motor.

Content last updated on 5/13/2021