Glossary of Spray Gun Related Terms

  • This glossary defines commonly used terms related to spray guns, turbines, parts and accessories. 

HVLP Spray Gun System Buying Guide

  • This article is designed to walk you through the process of determining which HVLP system is best for you. It walks you through the decisions you will need to make to select and customize your HVLP system. 

How To Clean a HVLP Spray Gun

  • Check out this article for full details on how to disassemble, clean and reassemble your Apollo A7700 HVLP Paint Spray Gun.

Bleeder vs Non-Bleeder Spray Gun

  • This page has some background on the difference between bleeder and non-bleeder spray guns along with some tips for best practice. 

What Size Needle, Nozzle and Air Cap Do I Need?

  • Below the products options on this page, there is a full guide (including spray gun tip size chart) that will help you determine what size needle, nozzle and air cap you need for your A7700 gun based on a variety of factors. 

 How To Use A Viscosity Cup

  • This article will walk you through how to measure paint viscosity for spraying with an HVLP spray gun. These instructions pertain to the Zahn viscosity cup.

 3M PPS Adapter Guide and Chart

  • This product collection page provides some information on what adapters are and how they are used. It also includes a 3M PPS 2.0 Adapter chart that will help you determine which adapter works with your sprayer.