Ideally, every painter should have three spray guns, each with a pre-installed atomizing set for primer, base coat or top coat, This may not be feasible for everyone, and it may become necessary to change the atomizing set when switching from thinner to thicker coatings or vice versa.

Here are step by step instructions on how to change out the needle, nozzle and air cap:

  1.  Have the Apollo A7700T AtomiZer HVLP Turbine Paint Spray Gun Parts List on hand.
  2.  Slowly unscrew the #20 Material Adjustment Screw (APO-A7522) at the back of the gun.
  3.  Take out the #21 Needle Spring (APO-A7521). Careful, it may pop out!
  4.  Using the #32 Wrench (APO-A7534), loosen the #24 Gland Seal Nut (APO-A7528) just behind the trigger.
  5.  Unscrew the #1 Air Cap Ring (APO-A7501-NS) and #2 Air Cap Ring Gasket (APO-A7501-GK). The Air Cap #3 (APO-A7502) will likely fall out.
  6.  Using the wrench again, loosen and remove the nozzle #4 (APO-A7502).
  7.  Remove the #5 Air Cap Seal (APO-A7504) and #6 Air Distributor Gasket (APO-A7556).
  8.  Gently pull the #22 Needle Assembly (APO-A7520) out from the back of the gun and replace it with the new one. If it does not slide out easily, loosen the Gland Seal Nut a little more.
  9.  Replace the Needle Spring and Material Adjustment Screw.
  10.  Retighten Gland Seal Nut just enough so that the needle does not fall out of the back of the spray gun.
  11.  Reseat the Air Distributor Gasket so that it is flush with the front of the Air Distributor #7 (APO-A7506-NS).
  12.  Replace the Air Cap Seal, Nozzle, Air Cap, Air Cap Ring Gasket and Air Cap Ring.
  13.  Tighten the Gland Seal Nut and the Material Adjustment Screw.